Talkspace’s Take on Healthy Relationships

Talkspace is a New York-based healthcare company that provides confidential therapy services. Its primary mission is to restore the happiness of billions of people undergoing mental health struggles. People in relationships, adolescence, and mental disorders patients seek therapy services from the company. In most cases, people suffer silently instead of seeking advice from professionals because of fear

However, the company’s app helps such people privately. Apart from therapy, the company provides top-notch advisory services on various issues to promote mental health. Failed relationships are some of the primary causes of mental disorders. Partners must exercise caution to ensure that they maintain loving partnerships. The following are some of the compulsory things recommended by the firm for a healthy relationship.

Honest Communication

According to the company’s experts, people in a relationship should solve problems together. Additionally, they must share their feelings without fearing or hiding issues. A practical method is sharing family events that create an excellent avenue for solving challenges.

However, partners must learn to listen before responding to enhance interactive communication. F.Diane Barth, L.C.S.W., a New York-based psychoanalyst, and psychotherapist points out that a successful connection comes through healthy communication.


A strong partnership is a product of a high level of trust between the partners. Those that doubt their partners experience rocky relationships. Experts note that such individuals need professionals to help them reverse the situation. Since such relationships take time to heal, partners need time and dedication.

Andrea Bonior, Ph.D., an author, and famous psychologist, reiterates that partners should not dwell on things that go against their feelings. He further points out that they must avoid simple lies because they build mistrust in a relationship.



Respect One Another

A genuine partner honors the counterpart’s worth in connection to opinions, uniqueness, and thoughts. By extension, they must treat each other with care and value their choices. Talkspace experts point out that failure to uphold respect in a relationship results in continuous disagreements and conflicts. It’s noteworthy to mention that disputes don’t indicate a failed relationship. Instead, the solving methods matter because healthy couples experience over five positive interactions in a single negative one.

Spending Time Together

The best gift that couples should give each other is time. Partners build trust and respect by spending time together. It’s up to them to find time to develop their relationships despite the busy schedules.

Emotional Support

Healthy couples must support each other without bargain. Simple encouragement words play a critical role in strengthening a relationship. The support might not be 100%, but the crucial issue is to show solidarity on all occasions.

Final Thoughts

Talkspace supports healthy relationships by insisting that partners shouldn’t ask for the above requirements. Time, open communication, trust, respect, and support are the ingredients of a healthy relationship that every couple must possess. A deficit of one poses a danger to the relationship.

About Talkspace

The health-tech company has provided online therapy services since June 1, 2012. The difference between the service and face-to-face therapy system is that the former takes place through chatting. The beauty is that many individuals have embraced the company’s services due to affordability, convenience, timesaving, and privacy, among other benefits. The company collaborates with globally renowned therapists to provide top-notch solutions to their mental disorder issues.


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