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Today’s online marketing dynamics defines press releases as a crucial aspect of growing sustainable brand awareness. Whether you plan to launch a new product, a campaign, or a new business altogether, getting published on prominent media publications will attract the most relevant eyeballs towards your offering. An efficient PR Distribution Service is the way to achieve effective marketing communication, and we at Emergewire are here to help you with our widescale PR Distribution Network. So, what are you waiting for? Come on board with us, leverage your press releases by interacting with audiences across the world, and stand tall among your competitors.



Press Release Writing/Create a Story

Creating an engaging story around your brand is the key to a Press Release’s success. At Emergewire, we help you do that with our advanced tools that let you upload your content, add visual elements like photos and videos, including social media links, and much more. It is a simple yet effective process that makes your PR interactive.  


Newsworthy Content – Our content services are delivered in a newsworthy and engaging manner, rather than just a long random article. We make sure that the content is to-the-point, specific, and informative.


SEO Optimized Content – At Emergewire, our internal algorithm takes care of the SEO score of your PR article. We make sure that the content you publish is optimized so that it can achieve maximum search engine visibility. 


Multimedia Content – Multimedia content triggers online engagement and search engine visibility. It is proven that the audience interacts more with multimedia-based content rather than simple text. Emergewire allows you to embed unlimited photos, videos, GIFs, call-out quotes, etc. into your PR piece to make it way more attractive and engaging. 


Audit of self-created Content – At Emergewire, we enable you to write your own PR pieces and submit for publication. However, we conduct an internal audit to make sure that the content is aligned to our guidelines, proper in terms of grammar, specific in terms of the topic, and is in a news-type structure, to ensure maximum traction.


Emergewire has a wide network of media sites, publications, journalists, bloggers, and influencers, using which you can attain maximum visibility for your press releases. We distribute your content pieces across relevant publications in your desired industry sector. 



Major Media Outlets – Our PR Distribution service guarantees you an online placement on top media platforms like Yahoo Finance, CNBC, Market Watch, USA Today, CNN, Reuters, Bloomberg, etc. 


Industry-specific press release – At Emergewire, we make sure that your PR is distributed to industry-specific media outlets so that it can gather the eyeballs of the most relevant audience. Finance, Fintech, Sports, Music, Electronics – you name it, and we have it covered. 


Major Search Engine Visibility –  Our SEO-friendly content algorithm ensures that your PR piece is indexed by prominent search engines like Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc. and also by major news aggregators. 


Global Press Release Distribution – Emergewire PR Distribution Services have a global outreach. So, if you are looking to tap into an international audience, we can help you successfully achieve that – thanks to our global network of publications, journalists, and bloggers.


Boosting Press Release/ Extra top-up

Apart from our efficient PR distribution services, we also offer added offerings to take your Press Release to the next level and help you make the most out of your PR campaign. 


Social Media – Social media is arguably the most powerful marketing channel in today’s day and age. Emergewire offers dedicated social media engagement tools to trigger your digital engagement. We integrate your social media handle links, share buttons, retweet option, etc. into your PR piece, so that the audience can instantly react to it, and help you create a social media buzz.


Google Ads – Apart from PR Distribution, Google ads are an important aspect of your marketing campaign. We provide assistance in optimizing your Google advertisements by creating effective and ad-friendly content pieces, to ensure the maximum ROI on your ad-investment.

Measure Results/Track Result

At Emergewire, we value your brand and hence provide you with all the details you need to improve it. Here is how it works! 

  1. We provide a detailed breakdown of your PR audience coverage – audience location, audience demographics, media platform type, digital footprint achieved, and much more.  

  2. We give you access to important details like – views received, engagement ratio, traffic sources, multimedia engagement, etc. 

With all of these data, you can easily measure the effectiveness of your PR campaign, understand your audience better, and improve accordingly.

Measure Results



Our PR Distribution services are customized to your exact needs. We make sure that you reach the relevant audience and deliver your message in the most efficient manner. At Emergewire, our PR Distribution offering is extremely industry-specific. We ensure to distribute your PR piece among the most prominent media sites in your industry genre. We have a wide network of media sites, journalists, bloggers, and influencers across multiple industries. 

real estate

Real Estate


Real estate is a thriving industry and we have developed strong relations with prominent media sites, publications, and journalists in this space. Our Real-estate focussed PR Distribution services are right up there and guarantee you an online placement on the most-read media publications in this space. 



The music industry is driven by bloggers, influencers, and some top publications. We can help you to get promoted by them across multiple platforms and achieve the audience visibility that you deserve. With our PR Distribution services in the music industry, you can reach your audience without spending a fortune on marketing campaigns. 


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